Volunteer FAQ

Where do we "check in" as volunteers?

Volunteers will check in on the Great Lawn between the Ocean Place Hotel and Rooney's. Nikki, the volunteer coordinator, will most likely be at a table on the concrete stage (by the bleachers and the building with the bathrooms). You will check in before your post time so that you have time to meet the run, bike or transition monitor and get where you need to be. All post times will be on the spreadsheet emailed out to all of the volunteers prior to the race.

Will athletes get "credit" for volunteering?

Yes, if you give us several hours of your time, we will give you $40 off your next race with us as a thank you. A discount code will be sent out to all the athletes that helped out. The code will be sent via email about a week after the event.

What should I wear?

We will provide a t-shirt for the volunteers with the word "VOLUNTEER" on the back, so that spectators and athletes know who is who. You will get the shirt when you check in on the morning of the race.
(Swim Angels: We will have swim caps for you and a t-shirt that says "SWIM ANGEL" on the back.)

Should I bring anything with me?

We advise bringing sunscreen and a snack. We don't mind volunteers taking food, but we do want to ensure that all of the athletes have crossed the finish line and have taken the food that they need first.

More emails will be sent out to volunteers as the event approaches, but if you have more questions that you can't find the answer to on the website, please feel free to email Nikki at nikki@splitsecondracing.net. Thanks again!



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