6:50 AM
Course Details

Swim (300 Yards)

Swim The first group is at 6:50 AM. Swim is straight out and back along a line of buoys. You will go around the buoys, keeping them on your left at all times to the end, make a u-turn and then straight in to the finish on the other side of the line of buoys. Course will be lined with more than 20 lifeguards. In addition, swim angels will be available on shore and in the water (wearing yellow caps) if you need assistance for the swim. You can rest on a surfboard, rope or use a noodle* at any time during the swim.

*However, if you are a swim angel or you are a swimmer using a noodle, we do ask that you do your best to stay off to either side of the course. We have had some amounts clogging on the course in years past, and we just want to ensure the safety of our competitors.

Special Note on Swim:
There will be swim corrals on the beach, however, unless you are in the first three waves, we are requesting that you wait in the designated "Heat Waiting Area" up on the boardwalk until your heat is called. You will follow your heat manager down to the beach with your heat to the "on deck" area; there you will have a chance to jump in the water and get wet if you need to before being placed in one of the three official corrals.

Bike (11 Miles) - Bike Course Map

Bike Triathletes will be exiting the transition area on our bikes heading north on McKinley Street heading North. At the end you will turn left and proceed around the clock tower. Please take this slow. At the traffic light, you will be directed to turn left and to stay to the RIGHT OF THE CONES. You will make a right on Broadway, then your first left on Second Avenue. Please stay to the right and proceed with caution through this first section. Once on Second Avenue, you have a few miles to open up. PLEASE BIKE ON THE RIGHT OF THE ROAD AT ALL TIMES. DO NOT RIDE 3-4 ABREAST, as others will not be able to pass.

Remember - ROADS ARE NOT CLOSED TO TRAFFIC! Be cautious at all intersections, we have over 30 police officers on the course. They are to assist in safety, you are responsible for watching out unsafe drivers or pedestrians. People can cross the course and cut you off at any race. In addition, there are 40 volunteers staffing all turns, indicating direction, etc.

Bike Loop: You will ride only one loop of the course and turn right onto Madsion Avenue when you will be directed to dismount your bike BEFORE you approach the transition area. Only heats 1-9 (GREEN TRANSITION AREA) will enter at the first entrance. Heats 10-22 (YELLOW TRANSITION AREA) will enter the next block up, exactly where you originally exited. Your wrist band will be color coded according to the transition area you will be racking your bikes. REMEMBER: It is always the responsibility as an athlete to be familiar with the course.

Run (3 Miles) - Run Course Map

Run Run 3 Mile Run: Athletes will turn right (south) upon exiting transition area, towards the path passing by Ocean Place (not on boardwalk) heading south.Follow the path to the circle at Pier Village, staying on the east side of the parking area (stay to the left). Water stop at mile 1 (mile 2 on return) is NOT the turn around. Continue on following signs and volunteer direction to turn right on Howland Avenue, then Left on Boneforte, Left on Brown. At the end of Brown, all runners will turn left and move on to the board walk for the final 1/5 miles. Please stay to the right.

Duathlon Distances

2 Mile Run, 11 Mile Bike, 3 Mile Run
Aqua Velo Distances
300 Yard Swim, 11 Mile Bike

Please follow signs and cones delineated to channel athletes and keep spectators off course. Please be courteous to all spectator and walkers, they also belong there and are enjoying the weather and some exercise just as you are. Share the boardwalk.

Please remember to thank the volunteers.

Please do not drop gel packs or other items on the course. Please remove all items from transition after your race has finished.

No iPods or other portable music players on the bike or the run.

No drafting on the bike.

Bike helmets mandatory.



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