Race Day Details

Flow of Heat Starts:
In order to keep the start flowing smoothly, please follow all directions from heat managers on race day pertaining to heat starts. After transition closes at 6:30am, please proceed to the Heat Waiting Area on Boardwalk between the swim entrance and the swim exit. If your heat doesn’t go off for a while, please wait to put on your wetsuit if you are wearing one and relax and watch the heats start in front you. We do not want you to overheat while you are waiting. Water will be available. When your heat is ready to go down to the beach, one of the heat managers will hold up a sign with your heat number and walk you down with your group to the “on deck” area. There, you will have a chance to jump into the water and get wet before being moved into the official start corrals. Please follow your heat manager/sign.

2014 Heats:

Start Time
Heat 1
6:50 AM
Heat 2
29 & Under
6:53 AM
Heat 3
30-34, Relays & Teams
6:56 AM
Heat 4
6:59 AM
Heat 5
7:02 AM
Heat 6
7:05 AM
Heat 7
7:08 AM
Heat 8
55 & Over
7:11 AM
Heat 9
Buddy Heat 1
7:14 AM
Heat 10
Buddy Heat 2
7:17 AM
Heat 11
Buddy Heat 3
7:20 AM
Heat 12
Buddy Heat 4
7:23 AM
Heat 13
Buddy Heat 5
7:26 AM

If you miss your designated swim heat, tell Split Second Racing staff member down on the beach, you will be moved to buddy heat (last heat), and we will notify timing to adjust your wave time.

Swim Heats will go off every 3 minutes unless otherwise directed for safety.

Heats in Transition:
Important: Wristband color signifies which area of transition you will rack your bike and determines bike in/out location in transition. Heats 1-9 will be elite and stronger competitor age groups. You will have green wrist bands and will use the first/south bike-in entrance. Heats 10 through 22 will have yellow wristbands and after your bike dismount you must proceed to second/north (yellow) bike-in entrance. Look for sign color when entering bike-in – these will be the same coordinating bike-out exits as well. Bike dismount will be on Madison Ave. Please review map of transition area and flow carefully. Althletes are responsible for knowing the course and following it! Map will be posted in Expo tent near chip pick-up.

Parking Parking
Parking Guide
There is free street parking, but spots are limited and will fill very quickly. Paid parking is available at the LM Ocean, LLC. outdoor lot, located on Abbotsford between Broadway and Laird. This lot will open at 5:15am. Charge will be $5 for triathletes (normally $15) as long as you are out by 11am. After then, you will be charged the extra $10 but you can stay the whole day. Ocean Place Hotel is offering spots in their north lot, which will open at 4:30am. This is the closest lot, but they charge $15 for the day - no discount. Other spaces are available at Pier Village at no charge, but these spaces are limited after 9am is it enforced two hour parking. There is also a parking garage for those without roof racks at the south end of Pier Village. Please do not park on the east side of Ocean Boulevard on Cooper, Madison and other small residential streets just north Ocean Place Hotel. Please be considerate of the residents. We recommend arriving no later than 5:30am in order to have enough time to grab your chip, find your spot in transition, and get settled before transition closes at 6:30am sharp.

Bathroom Bathroom
Public bathroom are located near the bandstand(volunteer check-in) and just north of the Pier Village circle. Additional public restrooms are located about 2 blocks south on the boardwalk (on the run course). Porta-johns will be located at the south end of Madison Ave.

Timing Chip:
Your chip goes on your left ankle, to the outside. Make sure it is UNDER your wetsuit. YOU MUST PICK YOUR CHIP UP ON SUNDAY ON BOARDWALK AREA NEAR TRANSITION(closer to Madison Ave/Ocean Place hotel side of boardwalk). YOU WILL THEN ALSO BE BODY MARKED WITH YOUR AGE ON YOUR CALF.

Race Numbers:
Make sure that your bib number is secured to the front of your run shirt especially as you cross the finish line and that your bike number is secured to your bike.

Body Marking: Volunteers will be near chip pickup and the heat waiting area to body mark your calf with your age and your arm(s) with your participant number.

Transition Area:
Transition will close at 6:30am sharp! All athletes must have their bikes racked and be out of transition by 6:30am. Please do not take up too much real estate on the racks! We need to fit 8 bikes to each rack section. Please be considerate of this and others around you. Only athletes are allowed in transition area. Athletes must wear their wrist bands to enter or leave the transition area. Athletes will be instructed to rack their bikes according to heats. The racks will be marked in order of heats, please follow signs and rack accordingly. Please rack your bike using your seat and alternate on either side of the bike rack. There will be security in the transition area from 5:00 AM until 10:30 AM. Please remove your equipment prior to 10:30.

ONLY ATHLETES TO USE RAMP FROM BEACH TO TRANSITION. All spectators use ramp or stairs to the north or south of the swim start.

First Aid:
First Aid will be located on Madison Ave to the south of transition and at the parking area to the north of the Expo Tent. Every SSR staff member and volunteer on the course will have the direct number to the two ambulance rigs that are stationed there race morning. In case of emergency, the EMS requests that you do not call 911 first, but locate the first SSR staff member or volunteer you can find and have them call the EMS rig directly and they will respond immediately.

Bike Mechanic:
There will be two bike mechanics roaming the course. If you get a flat and need assistance, SSR Staff members and volunteers also have the direct number for the bike mechanics and they can call for you.



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